IT-Development: Project Examples

We develop individual solutions precisely tailored to your projects.

The following sample projects have already been individually realized by us on behalf of customers.

OEE Software Solution
(Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

This globally operated and complex software system developed by us on behalf of our customer is used to collect, store and manage production data from different production sites. It is used to calculate so-called KPI (Key Performance Indicator) values, which can be used to evaluate and compare the productivity of a plant over different periods of time.

The main features of this software solution are:

Globally available web applications for data collection and analysis or configuration of production sites

Support of user interfaces in multiple languages

Complex access and security modules which, among other things, enable role-based, individually configurable data access

A reporting module that provides reports in list form, graphical formatting/diagrams and document-based.
(supports export to Excel and PDF formats)

Maintaining interfaces/modules for local data collection and transfer to the central application using installed PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) devices.

Summary and full implementation of the algorithm for calculating the time-related OEE ratios within the SQL database. (Thus, the use of the algorithm of all client applications is done through the central database usage).

*Total plant effectiveness is a measure of the value added by a plant. It allows both the productivity of a plant and its losses to be displayed and compared at a glance.

IT Asset Management Solution

This is a database-driven desktop application that is used to capture and manage IT hardware assets throughout their lifecycle in the enterprise.This application includes modules for inventory capture (procurement), search, report generation and management of stored assets.

Support and further development of an existing room resource management system

In this project, our customer used an internally developed web application with a number of PowerShell script solutions in the backend, which was to provide a self-service solution
for its users to enable centralized creation and management of room and equipment resources in the mail system.
Our company provided the application support here after a short familiarization period with the existing source code. One of our tasks was the planning and implementation of the O365 support for this application. Furthermore, we made various adjustments to the interface for the implementation of new functions and corresponding adjustments to the background services.

Support of an internal workflow engine (PowerShell based)

In this case, our customer had created a complex workflow engine that could be used to plan and execute technical processes of the infrastructure. This included tasks such as on/off boarding of new employees, automatic creation of specialized mail system group mailboxes, and collection of domain-specific data for use in internal reports.
We quickly dove into the existing source code based on a PowerShell framework and F# libraries developed by the customer?
This source code is distributed via CI / CD (continuous integration / continuous development) mechanisms and includes automated tests for roll-out.
Subsequently, we took over the worldwide support for the framework and all implemented workflows. In addition, our tasks also included the planning, development and distribution of new workflows.

Support for the migration of an O365 Tentant

Due to a company merger, it became necessary to merge an existing O365 tenant into the existing enterprise tenant within the cloud. In this case, we supported the project with the creation and use of automated scripts (PowerShell) to merge the mailboxes and settings.

We also assisted with the creation and integration of workflows for the various migration processes within the complex workflow engine, in addition to creating reports to analyze and display the current project status.

Application for managing training and course information

The web application we use is used to store and manage available training and course information for various departments. Furthermore, the participation of the existing user is taken into account and stored by us. This includes, for example, participation in mandatory safety training courses. This would then be retrievable at any time, e.g. for later audits.
We support the implementation of an access level for managers and users and offer possibilities for file storage of training certificates as well as participant lists. This application is a comprehensive reporting module, which allows an analysis of the data e.g. also for later audits.