Planning and Conception

"IT keeps you from doing your job and only costs you money!"

This is the perception of many entrepreneurs in whose companies IT processes are not aligned with actual workflows. Computers are supposed to improve operational processes, simplify them and make them less error-prone. To do this, your IT consultant must understand what your daily business is all about, because only then can he develop, offer and implement the appropriate solutions to your problems. Only then will computer solutions create added value for your company.

Our Service

  • Planning / conception of IT-infrastructures
  • Strategy development
  • Procurement / Roll Outs (of all IT-Hardware)
  • Trainings and Webinars
    (Microsoft, SharePoint etc.)
  • DSGVO consulting and training, external responsibility

Service and Support

"Not everyone can do everything".

That's why it's always good to be able to ask someone who is a professional in the relevant field. Even in perfectly coordinated IT environments, it can happen that components do not react as one would have expected. With our helpdesk, we offer you the security of having a competent contact person at your side. Together we can address the problem and create an effective solution.
Maintenance work, system care and monitoring of the operating status can prevent errors before they even occur. We have the means to achieve this without interfering too much with your operations.

Our Service

  • IT-workstation support (e.g. telephony, printer, monitor etc.)
  • Design and operation of network infrastructure
    (WLAN / LAN / WAN etc.)
  • E-Mail hosting
  • License control/ licence management
  • Digital workplace solutions
  • Remote workplace
  • Home-Office support and commissioning
  • Realization of small to medium sized software developments
    for internal/ external use


„It's all hollow words"

... and a cloud. Cloud solutions often appear as something you can't quite grasp - a cloud. Basically, these are similar mechanisms that you can also operate in your own server room. With a cloud solution, however, specialists ensure that the services and content can be accessed without restriction at maximum speed and availability - and the best thing about it is that if it is implemented professionally, you don't have to worry about the security of your data either!

Our Service

  • Software implementation
  • Mircosoft 365
    (implementation, integration, consulting and licensing)
  • SharePoint, Mircosoft Teams
  • E-Mail in cloud
  • Cloud telephony
  • Time tracking systems

Security and Backup

"Who guarantees the security of my data and systems?"

With our IT security solutions we protect the most valuable thing in your company: Your data!
Defective hardware can easily be replaced - lost data, on the other hand, represents irreparable damage for companies. We support you already in the planning as well as conception and implement the latest technologies to protect your infrastructure physically as well.

Our Service

  • Back-Up solutions
  • Virus protection/ Firewall solutions
  • User administration and password management (FIDO Security Keys)
  • Building and access control

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